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                  Rose Marcus

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend I had lost track of for many years. She told me that she was so impressed with the astrology presentation I
did in grade 6, that it inspired her to study astrology
later in life. Funny thing is….

Patricia Walsh

To say that Evolutionary Astrology changed my life would be an understatement.
It was more like, my life was destined to …


Laura Nalbandian

Laura Nalbandian

I have always considered myself a “reluctant astrologer.” To be honest, I did not have aspirations of becoming an astrologer, I simply did not see myself in that way. But the universe had other ideas…



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About our Name and Logo

The suffix ‘wise’ when added to a noun means ‘referring to’ or ‘in the manner of’. We used this term to convey that our work is ‘in accordance’ with the Soul. This is the central tenant of Evolutionary Astrology, where it is the soul’s reality that is considered primary, and all else springs from that. This is in fact an ancient mystical view, that soul and spirit are primary and all matters of the material world arise from them, not the other way around. Both The Owl and the Archetype of Pluto represent the power to penetrate beyond the ‘known’ world, into realms both deeper and higher, than what is usually perceived, by the senses and conscious mind alone. To look at the world ‘Soul Wise’ is to see in this way…beyond appearance , deep into the energy behind all things….this is where all creation is connected and where  truth resides. 

The Owl (in the form of the Pluto Glyph) is a fitting animal spirit guide for Soul Wise, as not only is the owl a symbol of wisdom, but the owl acts as a ‘Psychopomp’, guiding departed souls to Pluto’s realm in the underworld. In psycho/Spiritual understanding, Pluto’s underworld exists within us also… it is where all that is not in the light of our consciousness is buried, dead to the world, but awaiting resurrection/rebirth!  Using Owl’s eyes to see into the darkness, of what is hidden, deep in the subconscious and soul’s memory, and bringing it to light, is the essence of ‘soul making’ work and the art of Evolutionary Astrology.  The more one works in both realms of the conscious and unconscious mind, the bridge to their union is forged, and the ultimate outcome is the birth of true Wisdom!

We are honored to be your guide and witness to your evolutionary journey!!!



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