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Rose Marcus

Builders study blueprints, travelers follow maps, keys unlock doors. Look to the geometry of your birth chart to discover your soul’s story - and most importantly -your soul’s intent for your growth and evolution.

I recently reconnected with a childhood friend I had lost track of for many years. She told me that she was so impressed with the astrology presentation I did in grade 6 that it inspired her to study astrology later in life. Funny thing is, I don’t remember the presentation myself! I do remember always being enamored of the mystical experience, having spent every Sunday of my childhood sitting in a grand Orthodox cathedral, staring at the ceiling which was painted as the night sky, with wispy clouds and iridescent stars. The incense, the candles, Gregorian chants, and Byzantine paintings also drew me to the realms beyond.

I turned to astrology for guidance as a troubled teen, having left home to wander the world at an age much younger than most of my peers. I believe strongly that divine was looking after me in those dangerous and lost years. My passion for astrology continued as did my search for meaning, purpose and fulfillment. I studied astrology for many years before meeting Jeffrey Wolf Green (during a Pluto transit of course!) A few times I had my hand on Pluto, Evolutionary Journey of the Soul, but put it back on the shelf. When the student is ready, indeed! My first meeting was via an audio tape. The sound of his voice so spellbinding, I knew I had finally found what I had been unconsciously searching for. From that point forward, I immersed myself in the study of Evolutionary Astrology. Jeffrey and I would meet sometime later. Evolutionary Astrology was everything I was missing, everything I was looking for. I realized that I had searched my whole life for this teacher. He opened the window for me to realign my life and my soul, for me to feel again, the workings of the divine supporting me and helping me to support those I love and those I serve. It is my greatest life blessing to be able to do this work.

I am humbled and excited to assist you to learn and grow through this study. Let the new adventure begin!

  • Professional Experience:
  • Graduate Jeffery Wolf Green school of Evolutionary Astrology
  • Hosted one of the first Evolutionary Astrology schools taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green in 1994
  • ISAR CAP accreditation (Certified Astrology Practitioner) from ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research).
  • Monthly Columnist for various publications since 2006 including SELF Magazine (Conde Nast, NY), The Mountain Astrologer (USA) and currently The Georgia Straight newspaper (Vancouver, CAN) also published on-line every Thursday:
  • Author of “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology”, a collaboration project with seven colleagues, published by Lewellyn Worldwide in 2010.
  • On the last Friday of every month, I discuss the key astrological influences for the month ahead on Guiding Stars with host Kristin Fontana:
  • Featured on EA ZOOM Meetings (You Tube)
  • Lecturer at International Astrology Conferences (Most recently UAC – Chicago 2018)
  • Rose’s website:
  • Sign up for Rose’s newsletter or contact Rose for a private consultation:

Laura Nalbandian

Evolutionary Astrology was the path to my personal growth and awakening . . .

I have always considered myself a “reluctant astrologer.” To be honest, I did not have aspirations of becoming an astrologer, I simply did not see myself in that way. But the universe had other ideas.

Astrology is in my blood. My mother, Maggie Nalbandian, was also a “reluctant astrologer” and actually started studying it in order to disprove it! Ultimately the reverse happened and she became a professional astrologer and opened our family astrology bookstore in 1975, where I began working at age 16. Jeffrey Green walked into our bookstore a year later, during the time he was developing and teaching the revolutionary work that became Evolutionary Astrology. Between Jeffrey and my mother, I was surrounded by astrology.

Still, my reluctance persisted and I held out from jumping in with both feet. Eventually I started studying directly with Jeffrey in 1983. By then, I had become the manager of the bookstore and told myself it was important to know something about the books I was selling and promoting. With my Sun, Mercury, and Saturn in Capricorn, I take my work seriously!

Although I started studying for practical reasons, a passion for astrology slowly crept in and I really got hooked – it was like a new universe had opened up, a universe within my own consciousness. What I found was an intense path to deconstruction of the self I thought I knew, and a deeper understanding of who I really am.

When Jeffrey moved away in the late 1980’s, my mother encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by conducting readings and teaching basic astrology. I was scared, but I pushed through my resistance… and now 33 years later I could not imagine who I would be without astrology. I had been sleep walking through life, not connected to who I was – astrology brought me that connection and helped me awaken to my authentic self.

It is my passion and privilege to have been initiated into this sacred art through my family lineage, and I continue to carry the torch forward through teaching, in private practice, and as owner of NORWAC.

I bring a grounded, spiritual approach to my teaching, providing a structured learning environment that encourages students to develop their own intuition. I am strong and direct, but like to bring humor and stories to my style as a way of ushering the material to life. I want the universe of astrology to awaken within my students as well.

Professional Experience:

  • Second generation astrologer
  • Studied with Jeffrey Green from 1983-87
  • Started teaching in 1987
  • Founding board member of Kepler College
  • Owner/coordinator of NORWAC (Northwest Astrological Conference) since 1994
  • Coordinator for UAC (United Astrology Conference) 2002 & 2018
  • Lectured at all major US astrology conferences, and for local astrology groups around the country, along with international travel and teaching

Patricia Walsh

In it's noblest sense, the purpose of the practice of astrology is to restore connection where there has been estrangement... from Oneself, from Nature and the Cosmos itself. In a world where estrangement is the norm, to restore connection to a personally meaningful universe, is a profound act of service.

To say that Evolutionary Astrology changed my life would be an understatement.
It was more like; my life was destined to unfold within the body of work known as Evolutionary Astrology. I boarded a plane bound for Germany in 1992 with 2 books in my hand; ‘Meeting the Shadow’ and ‘Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul’. They both became necessities during my stay there as I was to undergo an intense ‘initiatory’ process triggered by my Pluto square. I had just left everything behind and was moving to Germany indefinitely, to start a project for the company I was working for. Little did I know what a difficult karmic history I had with Germany, so although there was much grace and enjoyment when I lived there, deeply buried past traumas erupted to the surface and almost ‘took me apart’. The Pluto book, much grace and healing and several trips to India, got me through it while my life’s purpose started to awaken within me during the process. I met extraordinary Healers, Shamans and Masters who guided me to come into my own healing work, which I did, while also combining my love of Evolutionary Astrology for several years.

When I returned to the USA in 2000, I was so excited to find the Evolutionary Astrology Message board, which at the time Jeffrey was participating in and soaked up everything I could from him directly.  He also announced that he was going to teach another school in person. I signed up but before the school started, I received an email that Jeffrey had taken ill and the school was cancelled. That night Jeffrey came to me in a dream and told me “Don’t worry, I’ll be back to teach, I just need some time” and a year or so later, he did! I was fortunate to be a part of the last in person school he ever did. By the time I was studying EA, I had also met Jungian Analyst, Roger Woolger PhD, author of the seminal book on Past Life Regression “ Other Lives, Other Selves” and trained with him in regression therapy. Eventually we ended up working together, running the training program, teaching the work and sharing a practice until he joined his Ancestors on the other side in 2011.  

By the time I met Jeffrey, I had collected 1,000’s of case studies of students and clients past life regressions, compared to their natal chart for my own learning, as it was fascinating how EA so accurately described their ‘karmic history’. It was Roger who casually said to me one day “Well you have enough material for a book now”….. and a light bulb went off! Both Roger and Jeffrey, who generously contributed Forwards to my book, guided and encouraged me like loving Fathers through the several year process of writing.

I have been lecturing on and teaching astrology internationally since 2005, frequently giving keynote and regular lectures as well as pre and post conference workshops. Some places I’ve lectured include, NORWAC, UAC, ISAR, SOTA, Various NCGR chapters, Various Astrological Societies, Balkan Astrology Conference (Serbia), Edmonton Astrology Conference (CAN), Romania, Vancouver, Costa Rica, London and Australia.

I am honored to be a guide and midwife to your process of discovering your deepest and most authentic expression of yourself!

Professional Experience:

  • Graduate of Healing Touch International (1998)
  •  Graduate of The Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2005)
  • Graduate of Roger Woolger’s school of Deep Memory Process® (2001)
    and Chief Trainer for the work since 2003
  • Teacher of Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit Work since 2003
  • Author of “Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy” ( Wessex 2009)
  • Contributing Author for “Insights into Evolutionary Astrology” (Lewellyn 2010)
  • International Lecturer at various Astrology Conferences and Schools
  • Currently teaching my own form of Experiential Astrology – Kairos Astrology