Why Learn Astrology?

If you ever looked up at the night sky and felt awe and wonder, you might also have questioned…Why?

Since Ancient times, the sky has been a source of wonder, inspiration and spiritual sustenance. The vastness of space can invoke either: a personal sense of insignificance, or cosmic connection…or both!

The search for meaning and significance seems to be, not only a core essential need, but a deep desire of the soul. Perhaps that is why our ancient Ancestors sought to align their lives with the movement of the planets and stars, and by doing so, etched out their place in the grand order of creation.

Then, like today, the stars can speak to the deep interior self about our own richness, vastness and purpose for living. 

Astrology is how we listen!!!

What can the study of Astrology do for you?

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The different systems of Astrology are as varied and broad as the night sky they attempt to describe. But one thing they have in common, is that they strive to describe how the cosmos acts upon the human psyche and events here on planet Earth. Whether it be, using Astrology to predict the future (or even the stock market) or for personal growth and healing; another perennial concept is underscored, that lies behind the art and science of Astrology; which is that there IS A CONNECTION between us and the planets and stars. That connection is not measurable via Newtonian laws of physics (which is why it is often discredited in the general population) but interestingly, it is in the field of quantum physics where the mystery of inter-connectedness is spelled out. Quantum physics deals with the subatomic realm, where it appears the Newtonian and even Einsteinian laws of psychics don’t apply!  Einstein himself, who with some colleagues in 1935, proposed a theory of ‘Quantum Entanglement’ which in essence stated that…

“The result of a measurement on one particle of an entangled quantum system can have an instantaneous effect on another particle, regardless of the distance of the two parts”.[i]

An element of this thought experiment involves the concept of Non-Locality, where it is proposed that events occurring to entangled objects are linked, even when the events cannot communicate through spacetime, because spacetime has the speed of light as a limiting velocity (according to Einstein’s theory of Relativity). How can two particles ‘communicate’ faster than the speed of light? Einstein called this “Spooky action at a distance” and he took it to his grave never figuring out this paradox. There is much more to this story not elaborated on here, as others and current reasearchers have advanced and added to this theory.

But consider this… it is known that we are literally made from stardust, as Carl Sagan had said quite simply, “we’re made of star stuff.” His statement sums up the fact that the carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms in our bodies, as well as, atoms of all other heavy elements, were created in previous generations of stars over 4.5 billion years ago!

We ARE already ‘Entangled’ with the stars, as in fact, at an atomic level, we are made of them!

The Hermetic Axiom states …

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”
Hermes Trismegistus – The Emerald Tablets

This is the reason to study Astrology! As through that study, one can begin to experience for themselves the vast interconnected web of life, that flows through ‘all-that-is’ … including oneself! There is a critical healing that needs to happen in our modern world, collectively and individually,  it is the healing of estrangement, from each other, from the cosmos and from ourselves! Astrology is a tool that can aid that process.

The study of Evolutionary Astrology in particular is focused directly on the unseen dimension of the human psyche…one that our ancient Ancestors called the Soul. The Soul’s reality is illuminated in the principles and techniques of Evolutionary Astrology (as much as we can understand, it relative to being incarnated and not fully in our own Soul’s unlimited awareness).  Evolutionary Astrology shines a light onto the Trans-personal or Quantum level of being, and as you can imagine, the outcome of immersion in such a study, can only be an expansion of one’s own conscious awareness. Which is what evolution, for the human psyche, is all about!

If you desire to know yourself and others deeper, you will find that Evolutionary Astrology will answer that desire with profundity!

Evolutionary Astrology encompasses:

The Soul’s reality and how it is imprinted and affected through various incarnations

The dynamic interplay of Spirit, Soul and Ego

Wounding and trauma; how it affects both Ego and Soul and strategies to heal (ie…Evolve)

Finding one’s blueprint for purpose and meaning in this life

The impact of past life, collective, societal, ancestral (familial) conditioning and how to engage in individuation from these, to free the authentic self

And much more….

This is what we mean by… Astrology that is Soul Wise!

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