Advanced Learning

Charting Your Transits : Exploring Jupiter Through Pluto
Streaming Video $225
6- Two Hour Videos, PDF's and Handouts

Video 1 – Introduction to Transits

– The difference between transits and progressions
– Major Life Transits, Planetary Returns
– How to prepare for a transit reading / what to look for
– Orbs; Applying and Separating and Phasal Considerations
– Sign and House Ingresses; Transits to angles
– Multiple Transit hits – by direct and retrograde motion
– Synthesis of simultaneous transits
– Ethics of speaking about transits

Video 2 – Jupiter in Transit
– Archetype of Jupiter in Evolutionary Astrology
-Seminal Jupiter Transits -Jupiter Returns
-Transit Considerations
-Jupiter in Transit to – Sun-Mars

Each planetary video (Jupiter-Pluto) contains a discussion of the Archetype, Seminal Transits, Special considerations for the transit and that planet in transit to other planets in the chart.

Included in price
6 – Two hour videos / 12 Hours Total (watch as many times as you want)
-Introduction to Transits
-Jupiter in Transit
-Saturn in Transit
-Uranus in Transit
-Neptune in Transit
-Pluto in Transit
-PDF Downloads of Power Points
-Extra Handouts