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Convenient Online Learning
That is Live and Personal

Level One
Foundational Astrology
1 Year (30+ weeks)
Level Two
Evolutionary Astrology
1 - 2 Year (45+ weeks)
Level Three
(at your own pace)

2-3 Year Study Course

 Each class is taught by all three of us ( except on occasion when one of us is traveling). There is adequate time built into each module for questions and answers, as well as, learning and conversation between students. You will also work with other students on fun experiential and homework projects.
All classes take place using the ZOOM Meeting platform.
Each session is approximately 2 hours long and takes place once a week - 5pm Pacific/ 8pm Eastern (you will receive a full schedule in advance). There are also several weekend discussion sessions scheduled for Q & A's. You are encouraged to participate live as much as possible, but will also have unlimited access to the recorded sessions. There are breaks scheduled in both levels for integration, reading assignments, working in teams on projects, holidays etc.... This training is designed to be informative, experiential and participatory but most of all FUN!!!
See the full descriptions of content below the video (but watch the video first!!!)

Level One Foundational Astrology starts - January 2020
Level Two Evolutionary Astrology In Progress (new Course in 2020)

Aimed for the absolute beginner and for those who wish to review the basics, this foundational course is designed to provide a solid foundation in astrology, and to build skills and confidence for basic natal chart interpretation. All instruction will be based in the principles of Evolutionary Astrology. In addition to instruction, exercises, and homework, you will be supported via group discussion and study. The foundation course can be used to launch self study or to set the stage for further formal training.

Part One: Building Blocks (7 weeks)  – January 15, 22, 29, February 12, 19, 26, March 4

Students will learn the building blocks of astrology through an exploration of the planets, signs and houses, the basics of the astronomy of astrology, the archetypes as understood through the lens of Evolutionary Astrology, planets and more . . . .

  • Hemisphere & Quadrant Orientation
  • Elements & Modes
  • Planets, Signs, & Houses

Part Two: Planets in Signs (6 weeks) March 11, 18, 25; April 1, 8, 15

Synthesis is the art of blending elements in the chart together.  In this class we will start with the foundation – Planets in Signs.  We’ll start with an overview of planets and then move to playing with the planets through the signs. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class – be prepared to come to class and participate.

Part Three: Planets in Signs, in Houses – (6 weeks) April 29, May 6, June 3, 10, 17, 24

We will concentrate on putting depth into the karmic and psychological principles of the planets in signs as they manifest through the houses.  This is a class in astrological reasoning – we will play with the planets in the signs, changing the house, in order to add further to learning synthesis. Homework will be assigned at the end of each class – be prepared to come to class and participate.

Part Four: Planetary Dispositors – (6 weeks) August 19, 26; September 2, 9, 16, 23

In this series of classes, we take Part 2 (Planets in Signs) and Part 3, (Houses)  then add  the dispositor to the synthesis picture.  Each week will take two planets and  work them through a variety of dispositor scenarios.   Homework will be assigned at the end of each class – be prepared to come to class and participate.

Part Five: Houses & House Rulers- (7 weeks) October 7, 14, 21, 28; November 4, 11, 18

Up to this point we have been exploring the “planetary view”  of the chart, and in this series of classes, we will introduce and explore the “house view” of chart interpretation.  We’ll start with an overview of the 12 houses, reviewing the exterior (traditional), and well as interior (evolutionary) applications.  Not only will we explore house rulerships, but we will also look at how planets in the houses effect the interpretation.

Please note the Full Schedule for 2019 and 2020 is posted below –
Discussion sessions are scheduled on Sundays at earlier times so that European Time Zone can join in live.

Required that you already understand natal chart basics, Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspect patterns. If you have questions read the description for Level One and if if you are familiar with that content then join us in this level. Contact us via email if you have further questions.

What is Evolutionary Astrology?:

What is my purpose? Why am I here? What are my lessons? Evolutionary Astrology seeks to understand the nature of the soul, its desire for growth, and its journey from past, to present, to intended future. Using a specific methodology to read a birth-chart as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green, you will learn how to track and describe specific past life complexes to better understand the root causes of psychological and emotional patterns, triggers, or impediments that lie behind current life issues. You will also learn to discern the souls’ intention for its learning and desire for evolutionary advancement and growth.

Level Two: Evolutionary Astrology Fundamentals

Part 1: The Philosophy of Evolutionary Astrology (1 week)  – Sept 3, 2019

What is the correlation between Pluto and the soul? How does the soul evolve? 

  • Duality of desire
  • Dynamic of attraction and resistance
  • Three reactionary impulses
  • Four ways Pluto affects evolution
  • The Water Trinity: Ego, Soul, Source

Part 2: Evolutionary States (1 week) – Sept 10, 2019

One size does not fit all! We are all unique souls and we will respond to the propensities of the planetary influences in our own unique ways. As Jeffrey Wolf Green would often say, the person who asks “When can I expect my BMW?” and the person who asks “When can I expect enlightenment?” will have a very different ways of experiencing life and accessing the potentials as are indicated via their natal chart. This class will outline the four natural evolutionary states and their subcategories.

  • Consensus
  • Individuated
  • Spiritual
  • Dimly evolved, De-evolved

Discussion Session on Material Covered so Far
( Bring your questions)
Sunday – Sept 15, 2019 (10am West Coast, 1pm East Coast USA)

Part 3. Karmic Complexes and the Lunar Nodes (2 weeks) – Sept 24 & Oct 8, 2019

For the EA astrologer, it is important to examine how the imprints of past continue to shape the evolution of the present and what the soul is choosing to resource in order to create the desired/intended evolution. The moon’s nodes are an essential component to the Pluto paradigm and chart interpretation methodology.

  • Dynamics of psychological complexes / present and past life
  • Karma: how it imprints and affects the Soul’s Evolution
  • The Lunar Nodes
  • Nodal Rulers
  • Aspects to the nodes
  • Special nodal rules
  • Skipped Steps

Part 4. Pluto and the Nodes!!! (12 weeks) – Oct  15, 29 & Nov 5, 12, (17), 19 & Dec 3 (break until Jan 2020)
Discussion Session – Sunday Nov 17, 2019 (10am West Coast/ 1pm East Coast)
Resume in January 2020 – Jan 7,14, 21, 28 / Feb 4, (9), 18
Discussion Session – Sunday Feb 9, 2020 (10am West Coast / 1pm East Coast)

Its time to dive deeper! Covering two signs per week, we will examine Pluto through the signs in depth.

  • Pluto through the houses and signs: the sign archetypes & their elements, modes and polarities
  • Pluto’s polarity point
  • The Archetypes and Karmic Complexes


Part 5. Aspects and Phases; The Lunation Cycle (12 weeks) –
March (15) 17, 24, 31 / April 7, 14 / May  (3) 5, 12, 19/ June 2, 9, 16, 23 (Summer Break July/August)
Discussion Session – Sunday March 15, 2020 (10am West Coast / 1pm East Coast)
Discussion Session – Sunday May 3, 2020 (10 am West Coast / 1pm East Coast)

Every month, the moon moves through eight phases in its relationship to the sun. Moving from New to Balsamic, these sun/moon phases are also descriptive of various personality characteristics. These eight phases are also the umbrella under which, aspects between any two planetary bodies form an energy exchange. To understand and apply the phasal relationship between two planets to aspect work, can both deepen and simplify your ability to interpret and synthesize the total chart.

  • The Lunation Cycle
  • Pluto/Mars Phases
  • Waxing and Waning Aspects
  • Major and Minor Aspects, Division of the Circle by 2 (opposition), 3 (trine), 4 (square), & 6 (sextile)
  • Aspect families (i..e Trines & sextiles, Squares & semi-squares, etc.)
  • Calculations & Math
  • Configurations: Grand Trine, Kite, T-square, Grand Cross, Yod, etc.

Part 6. The Pluto Method; Chart interpretation and Practice  (10 – 12 weeks)
September (15), 22, 29 / Oct 6,13, 20, 27 / Nov 3, 10, 17 / Dec 3, (6)
Discussion Group – Tuesday Sept 15 (5pm West Coast / 8 pm East Coast)
Discussion Group – Sunday  Dec 6 (10 am West Coast / 1pm East Coast)

Piecing it all together:

Its time to develop more proficiency! In this module we practice the step-step Pluto method and discuss counseling skills and various methods to present the material to the querent (i.e. Language styles such as factual, story telling, dialogue with Client; the role of intuition, ethics, etc.)

Bonus Material! Included in the overall cost

Part 7. Introduction to Transits, Progressions and Solar Return Charts (4 weeks) ( To be scheduled in Jan/Feb 2021)

Now that you understand how a person is living their Natal Chart, now learn how the chart comes alive! You will learn how the current movement of the Planets affect Natal positions and interpret how this illustrates the ongoing Evolutionary challenges, lessons and intentions for a persons chart. You will also learn about Progressed charts and how to cast a Solar Return chart for someones Birthday to reveal the potential energies that lie in the year ahead. 


Graduation happens at your own pace but includes a combination of:

Graduate Certification Package

Homework Cases (2 of these) – We will set homework charts that you can work on individually in pairs or in teams throughout the training. By the time you get to graduation you will already have had experience in interpreting parts of a chart and communicating/consulting with a ‘client’. As part of further demonstration of your skills, for certification you will be assigned 2 charts to do ‘solo’ where you will submit an interpretation with guidelines, we will provide for you background bio info on the ‘client’.  Each one of us will review your homework and send back comments. 

Supervision Cases (2 of these) – Where you consult with one of us (you can choose which one of us to work with) on practice cases you have done, summarizing questions and/or issues you feel you need further guidance on. Before presenting your Graduating cases you should have at least 2 Supervision sessions. This will help you hone your skills and get detailed personal instruction on how to get the most out your
chart interpretation skills.

Graduate Cases (3 of these) – It is suggested that you practice, practice, practice with
non-paying clients as you are honing your abilities!
But once you are confident with your skills and have already met the previous requirements, you will record and submit 3 consultations that you do with a ‘client’. This can be a friend or acquaintance or a paid client.

There is an additional cost of $500 which includes all three of these graduation components.

Level One



January 15, 2020

  • 32 + Weeks
  • Live with Laura Nalbandian
    unlimited access to watch sessions
  • Reading Lists, Handouts
  • Homework assignments each week

Registration will be open in
October 2019

Level Two



Launching in September 2019

  • 45+ Weeks over 2 years
  • All the features of Level One (except the content)
  • Personalized Feedback on your Progress
  • Private Facebook Group for Ongoing Conversations
  • Bonus Material -Transits, Progressions and Solar Return Charts

the Evolutionary Astrology Training Starts Sept 3rd.
Registration and payment is due by August 15th

(please see payment policy below for further information)


Payment and Refund Policy

Level 2 – Evolutionary Astrology Training 
Discount Payment ($1350) Must be paid in Full by July 15
Payment after that ($1500) Must be paid in full by August 15th
Payment Plan of 2 installments ($800) each – Due August 15 and Jan. 3 2020

Level 1 – Foundational Astrology Training 
Discount Payment ($875) Must be paid in Full by December 1st
Payment after that ($975) Must be paid in full before the class starts
Payment Plan of 2 installments ($1,100) – $600 due before class starts – $500 balance due by March 15th.

Please pay by Paypal or if you prefer to send a check or do a bank transfer please contact us via email.

Cancellations / Refunds

Refund in full if cancelled by 2 weeks prior to the start of the course
After the course begins, cancellation is allowed up until the 2nd week , refund of monies paid (Minus $250 course fee for Level 2 and $150 for Level 1).
There are no refunds after the 2nd week